Dream - Listen - Learn - Become

I guess it’s been a few months since I last blogged….. I seemed to have finally slowed down as life has been super busy of late.  Just to put into perspective what has been happening:  I passed my Grit Series module training (to add to a few other programs including Pump), I have full custody of my daughter, and brought a house….. oh and got a dog and brought another car….. house, dog, Grit and car all within a couple of weeks.  So as you can imagine, things have been slightly crazy!

So as anyone would imagine, with so much happening, it’s been a little stressful and taxing on my body and emotional well-being.  I will be honest and say that if I faced this situation years ago, I would have completely fallen to pieces.  But somehow I did it.

No actually, I didn’t somehow do it….. I just went and did it.  I lost sleep, I did LOTS of balancing, budgeting, time management, crying, my diet was a little crap for a while, but dam I am so proud of myself for powering through and reaching some goals! 

The day I got my keys to my house and sat on my empty lounge room floor enjoying a glass of cider was one of many defining moments for me over the last few months.  I was completely exhausted, but I sat so proudly of how far I have come.  Five years ago, the place I am at now in all aspects of my life was near impossible and now I have done it.  Very few people know the pain, stress, lack of sleep, tears and triumphs I went through just to get to that stage and even the few days after that with everything that was happening at once (that is a WHOLE different story).  It took so much for me to wake up the Monday morning after to go to work without falling asleep in a heap.

Fast forward to the start of last week and I felt like absolute crap.  It was almost like the aftermath of a crazy few years of crazy busy and finally feeling physically and mentally exhausted.  It took a lot of strength for me to get up on Saturday morning to teach my fitness classes and there were even a few days through the week that were tough to get up for.  I pretty much put it down to the dust settling after everything that happened, so I have (tried) to be kind to myself.  After such a crazy time recently, I am taking a bit of a break from major commitments for a little while (which I am TOTALLY FINE with).

But here is the thing.  You would think that all of this crazy and curve balls would make me just stop where I am now and just live at this level for the rest of my life right?  Not really.  I still feel this gentle voice within encouraging me that there is more out there to do and contribute to.  Bigger dreams to accomplish…. What I have done now is just a warm up.  I am not trying to say this as a means of boasting or anything.  I genuinely believe I am not done yet.  I want to inspire, I want to make an impact, and I want to contribute towards a better world….. I firmly believe it.  I am not sure how right now, but I know I will know in time.  In the meantime, I am happy to just chill and enjoy what I have for now and work on resetting myself before I challenge myself again.  My first challenge is to work on my routine with Tayla, get my eating and fitness in check again and just reset in general.  I am capable of anything and more than ever, I believe it and have made the commitment that I will NEVER settle for less than what I am capable of.

Anyway, enough about my reflection, I want to talk about YOU now.  I always had a huge hope that my journey would encourage others to have faith in their own journey.  I want this to be a demonstration to you that anything in this world is possible if you want it badly enough and are willing to listen, learn and become through the experience.  I want to throw a BIG challenge to you RIGHT NOW….. NOW more than ever is the time to listen, learn and become.  What do you need right now during this season?  Do you have dreams and desires?  Do you just want to sit back for a while?  Do you want to change the world?  Actually invest some time to reflect and work through that and imagine what wonderful things can happen for you in time.


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