I started writing a blog a couple of days back and I couldn't quite find the right words to finish it.  But that one will have to wait until another day as I felt inspired to write a different one today.  I guess if I could put a subject to this one, it would be bouncing back, keeping focused and moving forwards and beyond.  Life has this way of throwing small curveballs to distract you from your dreams and visions for the future as well as appreciation for what's in your hands in this moment…. I know that has happened to me a little bit of late.

Circumstances have come into my life of late which have been completely out of my control and rather than just see them for what they are, regroup and keep moving forwards, I have been allowing them to hold me back from what matters.  It's not been so much allowing the actual circumstances to consume my thoughts, but more of a stress and fear that I can't get my head around how to feel (I get security from certainty and control in what is coming) as well as feeling like I won't be able to do a good job with the changes.  It's also been the basis that I have had to still keep work through the day to day life while still keeping a strong and happy front and seamlessly trying to adapt and change routines, that in itself has been a challenge.  

But to the point of the post….

It sounds really silly (and yes it actually feels silly writing this, but I have a point), but I actually had to give myself a kick in the backside and snap out of it.  I made the commitment to myself years ago that it would always be 'forwards and upwards' and would always do what I could to bounce back when situations occurred.  I have made it a rule for myself at this point in time to ask myself, "Is this thought pattern taking me forwards or holding me back? Am I or my family benefiting from this train of thought?"  Such simple questions that can create impacting change and progress.  I am also trying to make myself aware that yes this circumstance has some impact, but I can make a choice (as I always have but stray from sometimes) as to how I can respond.  Who knows the person I can become though the process and in turn what I can provide for others, including my daughter.  It's also been a huge lesson in learning to take everything one day at a time and learning to work with what I can control and letting go of what I can't control and seeing everything for what it is.  Seems so plain and simple, but it takes a lot practice to retain when you have lost focus and circumstances have momentarily thrown off your vision.  

So what can you learn through a similar experience?

1. Reflect on your thought patterns:  Is this thought pattern helping you or holding you back?
2. Reflect on what is within your control and work with that to start with.  
3.  Learn to let go of what is not within your control.  All it does is cause stress and heart ache.
4.  Take things one day at a time and feel victorious and empowered each time you go through some sort of success (no matter the size).
5.  Be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up when you fall off the tracks every now and then.  Tomorrow is a chance to start again.
6. Make sure your diet and exercise are in check - keep your body healthy.
7.  Make time to hang out with people who love and support you.
8.  Be prepared to ask for help and advice from supportive people.  Supportive people are always prepared to help when they can because they care about you.
9.  Take the time to think before you act.  When things are going pear-shaped, it's easier to be reactive rather than proactive.
10.  Find something good in what's in-front of you right now.  There is definitely something good in every situation, and that something could be a little fuel to keep you going on the disastrous days.

Hope this inspires someone today…. have an amazing day! xx


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