Be Still....

When I was in my 20's it was quite normal for me to just bask in the negativity and drama of life…. find the worst scenario, be angry and bitter, play the blame game, bite back with horrid words and be quick to judge others.  But a few experiences over the last few years have opened my eyes to who I was and what habits I need to let go of. I remember about a year ago, I could constantly be told the phrase, "be still…. just be still."  and it did nothing but frustrate me! How can I be 'still'?  What is 'still'?  What a really stupid concept!

But it's incredible how much power two words have…. and it really took me a long time to learn to 'be still'.  It took a lot of personal circumstances and self-reflection of my reaction and how it impacted me to make me realise that I wasn't truly in the right frame of mind.  Ever since I took on this advice (and REALLY practiced and taken it on), my life has changed dramatically, to the point where to some I am virtually unrecognisable.

So what is 'being still'?  Well, it's many things!  Different people work it and understand it in different ways:

- It's thinking before you speak.
- It's thinking carefully about the cons and pros before making decisions.
- It's knowing when to shut a door and walk towards a new one.
- It's not acting upon the first reaction when stuff goes down.
- It's stopping and finding a 'productive' and 'positive' way to deal with difficult situations.
- It's stopping to smell the roses and recharge.
- It's confiding in someone you trust when you need to.
- It's knowing when you're in the wrong frame of mind and finding a way to right it.
- It's looking at fear in the face and saying, "you will never own me."
- It's feeling the breeze on your face and the sun on your skin.
- It's listening to that really amazing song or book and feeling connected.
- It's holding someone close and feeling like you belong.
- It's being ok with making mistakes and finding ways to get better.
- It's making the choice that no matter what is going down, to always choose love…. first and foremost.

I could go on…. 

Are you having moments of stillness or are you letting life drag you against the current?  It's amazing when you practice stillness, you find this peace within you that surpasses anything you have ever experienced.  You become so much more in-tune with yourself and your feelings.  And when that happens, it flows through onto others.  Maybe if you're honest with yourself, ask yourself where you're at.  Keep finding a way each day to find stillness, and feel the difference it makes in your life.    I really hope this inspires someone today like it has for me. :-) 

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