Battery Life

Ever forgotten to charge a device? Or even forgotten to replace the battery on a car even though you knew it was well due?

The result is something non-functioning, which requires unnecessary time to deal with it. And don't forget the possible inconvenience and pain for others. Oh and it's also just plain annoying! 

From time to time, I am reminded that life works like that as well. I forget that like any device or battery, I can start to go flat every now and then and need some time out to recharge and re-gather myself before I step back in the game. The last few weeks I have been struggling with fatigue, depending on stupidly unhealthy doses of caffeine to keep going. The week I have been feeling grumpy and the last two days I have been slightly on edge, getting easily frustrated over the smallest things! I would say my sleep cycle has taken a bit of a belting as well :-(.

So I woke up this morning and just decided to have a recharge weekend. Spend some peaceful time outdoors, listen to some chill out music,take in the glory of the day and just do things that I can enjoy without the guilt. When my batteries are flat, I can't give to others because I am too busy trying to pick up my own tail. I can't give my full attention to my students, give my full motherly love and attention to Tayla, can't be a good sister, daughter and friend and have to work harder to keep my faith solid. I also become anxious about trying to keep everyone happy when the one person who misses out me. 

This is that time where I stop and take the time to feel the breeze in my face, watch the sun rise, eat a Betty Blue breakfast, paint, listen to music, read and just remind myself of the glorious things that I have. 

Are your batteries going flat? Or maybe already flat? Here are some tips:

1. Recognise the signs: you know yourself better than anyone. How do you know what you need time out? For me, I start off with fatigue, then get easily cranky, then I start complaining about everything. When you or someone close to you sees it... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! 

2. Acknowledge that you need the time out. 

3. Rather than feel disappointed about it, remind yourself that you're not perfect, but you're awesome and worthy anyway: it's normal to feel a little guilty for how you feel - but don't let it steal your sunshine! As a certain Disney character once said, "let it go!"

4. Do something about it: do what helps you chill out and smile. It's not selfish- however remember first and foremost it should never negatively impact your deepest relationships.  Watch the sunrise, dance around your house, take your loved one out to dinner, paint a picture, work on your car that you haven't had time to modify, kick the ball around with your children... It's about recharging and keeping your soul and mind healthy. 

5. Return to the game but with slight changes: time out is the perfect time to remind us of what we need and don't need. Consider your non-negotiable and negotiable things in your life - can you cut back on something for a little while? Is it time for you to change your circles? Maybe your daily habits? Your batteries went flat for a reason, don't return to the game without changing your tactics first!!!!

Hope this helps someone out today. Have an awesome day :-).


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