The important piece of the puzzle

Almost every day I'm on a high, occasionally I will drop to a very low and dark place.  Anyone with raw and real emotions goes through stages where their character is tested or they just simply don't feel their best.  But as I do, I try to find a way to see good in these lows or use them as a means to help others.  If I go through them, then there's a good chance someone has gone through or is going through a low right now.  Sometimes it's good to just share the journey, through giving a bit of wisdom and encouragement to help someone else out.  I love the idea of walking through a situation with someone and knowing that my 'bad wave' came to good use.

I want to use this post to empower those who feel worthless to know they can be something bigger!  I actually spent the day taking care of myself, doing things I enjoyed and lots of reading, praying and meditating!  One of the main articles I read was from a health website which discussed celebrities that went through depression just before some of the biggest pinnacles of their lives.  These people were desperately trying to climb out of a valley, but through getting help and working through it, they reached their mountain top!  Some of these celebrities almost committed suicide!  Imagine if it happened….. imagine what the world would have been denied: A loving relative and friend, talent to the masses, innovation and awareness.

Did you know that JK Rowling suffered from depression and contemplated suicide?  Once she overcame that valley in her life she went on to become one of the world's most successful story writers in history.  And the song "Tomorrow is Today" was written by Billy Joel after a long battle with depression and alcoholism.  Jim Carrey became a comedian to fill a desperate void to be accepted.  Brook Shields tore away the 'taboo' of Post Natal Depression making it easier to talk about and not suffer in silence. The famous politician Winston Churchill battled with depression all through his political career - infamously naming it the 'black dog'.  Through all that, Churchill won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953. Ashley Judd used her battle with depression to raise awareness to others.  
The point I want to get at here is…..

Some days you might feel like no one is listening…. or understands….. or cares….. or knows what you're going through….. trust me, someone in this world does.  It's better to walk through it with someone by your side than alone in silence.  And when I mean walk it could be a simple phone call, email, text, coffee date, or just someone neutral (like maybe a counsellor or life coach) to talk to.  Also remember that you might feel like you don't belong or insignificant, but that's not true! You belong, you are here to serve a beautiful purpose on this Earth so allow God to determine when your time is up, not your mindset or heartbreak.  You are here to create something amazing, or innovate, or maybe give birth to and raise an innovator, or serve others, or be a cheerleader to those who are going through a tough time….. find out what it is, embrace it and let it play its course!  

I want to give a few tips that I use when I'm having my downer days in the hope it might encourage others.  Most of it is pure common-sense and simple in theory, but rarely gets practiced!

1. Love and be kind to yourself:  It's amazing how much your heart opens when you love and value yourself.
2. Cry: It's ok to cry and feel…. let it out!  
3. Write yourself love notes.
4. Write your thoughts down in a diary or blog.
5. Read self-help books…. or even your Bible!
6. Go for a walk along a park or beach and take in the breeze surrounding you.
7. Be encouraged that the boat doesn't rock in rough oceans forever.
8. Write down all the things you are grateful for.
9.  Watch something that makes you laugh or look for funny pictures/comics/ memes.
10. Have a plan in place with close friends where you can talk to them when the going gets tough.

Remember that you're an important piece to the puzzle in this crazy game called life.  You are beautiful, precious and important and worth every minute that you're here on this Earth.

Love yourself and keep moving forward!


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