100 reasons why 2014 is going to be EPIC!!!

There are 365 clean slate days to experience  *  New purposes to fulfil  * more time to get to know yourself better  *  more celebrations = more balloons and cake * more babies born * 365 opportunities to watch the sunrise * and watch the sunset * opportunities to create new memories * time to build better friendships * opportunities to make new friends * opportunities to fall in love * opportunities to love more * more time to learn * new opportunities to smile and laugh * new books to read * new visions to realise * new fashions * new music to dance to * new trends * opportunities to dance in the rain * watching your children grow another year older * growing another year wiser * another day closer to your dreams * another opportunity to reinvent yourself  * more opportunities to volunteer your time and gifts  * more opportunities to impact the world around you  * another 365 days of cuddles and kisses  *  Another opportunity to enjoy easter eggs and hot cross buns  * opportunities to travel to new places  * opportunities to revisit places you've been to  *  more chances to say "I love you"  * new ways to be creative  *  more silly photos * fresh chances to inspire  *  more chances to cry and feel  *  more opportunities for encouragement  *  a chance to reflect on old resolutions and start new ones  *  another day closer to becoming who you're meant to be  *  an excuse to try all the ice cream flavours at Baskin and Robbins and Juliet's  *  more weddings  * more chances at a career promotion  * starting a new career  * a chance to catch another fish  *  more chances to dance and sing with your hairbrush  *  more opportunities to wear every colour of the rainbow in some capacity  *  new jokes to hear and laugh at  *  new cars to dream about  * more memories with close friends  *  more opportunities to reflect  * 365 days of newspaper headlines to read  *  more days to grow in faith  *  an opportunity to wear a fashion statement you'll laugh at later  *  marriage proposals  *  pregnancy announcements  *  more chances to get fitter and stronger  *  fresh opportunities to get fit and strong  *  more days to eat what the Earth has to offer  *  farewell parties  * welcome home parties  *  celebrating life  *  holidays  *  new seasons  *  new study options  *  more chances to leave footprints on the beach  *  more chances to push your child on a swing  *  creating happy memories as a family  *  road trips  *  a chance to do something that scares you  * 365 to be romantic to a loved one  *  more days that seem to go forever  *  more days that seem to go quick  *  more things to look forward to  *  365 nights to sleep and dream  *  an opportunity to set up a self-love journal  *  more days to pray  *  more days to give thanks for  *  more days to experience that 'clean car' smell  *    more chances to bake or try some baking *  dinner parties!  *  more chances to stop and smell the flowers  *  more chances to make someone's day  *  another chance to decorate the Christmas Tree  *  more opportunities to teach your child about the world  * 365 chances to read a bed time story to a child   *  more opportunities to build a sand castle  *  more days to learn and practice what makes you happy  *  More chances to dress up in a costume  *  more opportunities to taste something you never thought you'd try  *  a chance to overcome your deepest fears  *  more time to find your own personal style  *  more chances to extend your influences  *  new cafes and restaurants to eat at  *  new shops to shop at  *  new places to explore  *  more opportunities to experience nature at it's finest  *  more opportunities for a heart to heart  *  more opportunities to explore other countries  *  more chances to learn a new instrument  *  new opportunities to laugh  *  365 more opportunities to realise why life is so darn awesome! 


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