Travel bug

Lately I've had this enormous desire to travel.  I'm starting to look at travel websites and facebook friend's photos of their recent holiday conquests.  There's a mild degree of jealousy when I look at the photos but also a burning desire to see these glorious places for myself.  I've always had the itchy feet and the desire to travel, but I've never really gone through with it because I've never been financially stable enough or something would come up.  But I know deep in my heart that I must take that leap and see what this amazing world has to offer!

Now I'm not saying I want to leave Townsville, I actually love it here and I'm loving the idea of finally having security in my life so I'm not prepared to let that go for a while yet!  More than anything, I want to see what's beyond this town, and even down the track, what's beyond this country.  There's so much to see and a lifetime to do it, and I feel a little disappointed that I've allowed all these years to pass by without actually seeing beyond this small dot on an atlas.  My travelling as only really consisted of a holiday to Bundaberg, Melbourne and Sydney..... that's nothing compared to what's on offer!!!!

I'm entering a season in my life where I have these opportunities to use my security to grow further and bless others.  This is my chance now to actually make my desires become a reality!  To dig my feet in the sands of Broome, discover the outback of Alice Springs, walk the vineyards of South Australia, circumnavigate Tasmania, explore New Zealand, catch trains and check out Europe, potential missionary opportunities down the track..... so many options!!! Why am I denying myself these opportunities???? I think seeing these places would give me a new found appreciation for the home that I have and draw a new sense of emotional awareness towards how the world works.  I think it would also build more confidence in myself and reassurance of who I am, what my purpose is and how I can influence/bless others.

I also want to do this with Tayla as she gets older.   I want to instill this sense of responsibility into her that the world is beyond Townsville and greater things happen from stepping outside the box.  I also want her to develop her own sense of appreciation for what she has here through seeing what's out there.  I know in my heart I have this opportunity to provide that for her, so why do I keep holding back?

So now it's time to build some discipline and set out to do what my heart keeps telling me to do.  One step at a time..... one small holiday opportunity at a time..... sacrifices in the budget..... not many people get these opportunities, so now it's my season to do it!!!!


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