A smile that lit the room....

While I was browsing through the net tonight, I came across this awesome quote photo which I felt a strong connection to:

It also made me reflect on the concept of presence.  On occasions I ask myself: What presence do I bring into a room?  Is it positive or negative? Does it light the room, blend in or create negative tension?  

I firmly believe that presence is vital when interacting with others.  Presence adds that extra element to the talents you already have to offer.  I believe it's an extension of your personality.  I also believe it spreads where people can be drawn to a positive presence and completely put off by a negative one.   The other way I think of presence is when I enter a kitchen.  If it smells clean, homely and the food smells amazing, then I want to be in that kitchen and eat the food on offer.  Even if it's something I wouldn't normally consume, I can appreciate that amazing smell that is seeping though the room.  However, if the kitchen is filthy and has the smell of burning baked beans and off leftovers, then I become quite reserved about entering because I don't receive the vibe of comfort and welcoming.
Over the last 12 months I've been putting a considerable effort into re-trainning myself in the concept of presence.  In the past I built up a reputation of creating a negative presence.  When I entered a room, I always complained or said something negative or just gave that all-round vibe of 'life sucks'. To be honest, when I approached situations like that, I felt like I was lying to myself and sick to the stomach. I also became quite concerned with how I was perceived as a person.  I didn't want to be perceived as some miserable person that no one wants to be around.  
So I made the choice to change that.  All I can say is what a difference it makes.  When I enter a room, I smile, laugh and bring a vibe of positivity.  I save the anger and drama for those I want to confide in.  That turn-a-round made a HUGE difference.  I feel way more comfortable when I interact with others, have more confidence to complete tasks, feel happier and more personally fulfilled throughout my life.  And above all, I pass the vibe onto others.  If I feel positive, others will feel positive.  If I enter the room with a smile, I'll make others smile.  I want to be known as a happy and passionate person..... to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way!
I admit though that I am still learning and from time to time I get sucked into a vortex of negativity.  But I know that with time and practice, it will get better.  Also being surrounded by awesome family, friends and co-workers to bring me back to sense of calm really helps as well.
So, here are a few small tips on how to bring a positive presence into every room you enter:
1. Smile!  Even if you're having a bad day, make that smile happen and flip your attitude.... even if you have to 'fake' the smile first.  Think of something that makes you laugh!  A smile and laughter is contagious, positive people are drawn to happy people.
2. Have a laugh: Nothing breaks a tense mood then laughing.  Laughter is such an amazing stress release and it costs nothing!
3.  Be passionate:  Everyone has something they're passionate about..... express it!  I'm not saying bring out the neon lights and shout it from the roof tops, but talk about it, or put some photos up or find small opportunities to include your passions.  
4.  Find a way to connect with those you speak to: Find a common ground or a way in which you can break the ice.  I believe not having any positive connection with those around you inevitably creates tension and causes issues later.  It also makes the whole atmosphere extremely uncomfortable!
5.  Show love:  If someone is starting to create a negative vibe around themselves, show love and compassion towards them.  Be a listener and speak with love and diplomacy.  Work through the issue with them to break that cycle or forward them onto someone who will.  When you show the love, the love will be shown back to you in time.    

Enjoy your day! :-)


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