I really wanted to write a blog to encourage those who are feeling quite narrow-minded about their life and feeling disappointment that it's not going exactly as they had planned. 

I remember when I was 17 I had this concrete idea in my head that I was going to go to Uni to do a Music Degree and become a Music Therapist, get married an intelligent/ good looking/ hard working guy at 21, have two children before 30 and live this picture perfect life of the beautiful home with the white picket fence just outside of Melbourne City.... oh and travel the world with my happy little nuclear family.  Truthfully I was pretty narrow-minded and very determined that this was going to be my future.  I wasn't open to the possibilities of my journey nor at the time I was willing to consider what would happen once I left home.

Fast forward 16 years and not much of that went to plan (I can laugh about it now.) Instead I became a Drama/ HPE teacher, single parent and unmarried at 33, fell in love with group fitness and blogging (I actually get paid to do that),  own a house (still in Townsville) and have been overseas once.  

And as cliched as it sounds.... I wouldn't change my journey for the world!

Upon reflecting I would go as far as saying my 'narrow-mindedness' was probably a combination of immaturity and insecurity within myself that I would be a disappointment if I didn't do the things I set out to do.  But in looking at where I am now, I am thankful for what I have right in front of me today. I used to be disappointed with the direction of my journey, but in recent times I have valued it.  I have gained more than I could ever imagine.

And if I may encourage you today, here are some reasons why being open-minded in your life journey can be beautiful and empowering to you:

  1. The mystery of the next chapter is exciting:  Stressing about the next chapter can at times block the opportunity to truly enjoy and engage with the present chapter.  Imagine the precious and amazing moments being lost through worrying about what's coming. No point stressing because what you THINK is coming verses what is ACTUALLY coming typically aren't the same anyway and in the bigger picture, aren't within your control anyway.  I know from my own experiences, I can't take my not-so-proud moments back, but instead choose to learn my lesson as I move forwards.  
  2. Desires and dreams ultimately have no set time for fruition:  As Rachel Hunter once said in a Pantene advertisement (which has been cliched to death - haha!)  "It won't happen overnight, but it will happen." We are all aware that we are currently (for the most part) living in the world of instant gratification, which ultimately damages our hearts, minds and souls because it sets us up to be anxious, obnoxious and disappointed (which is never nice to be around.). Patience is such a hard skill to master, but doing so brings so much joy and gratitude for the present.  I have learned to resonate with this quote and in time it has bought me so much peace, "Depression is staying glued to the past, Anxiety is staying glued to the future, and peace is enjoying the moment to it's fullest."
  3. Being closed minded might be a sign of something bigger:  Just throwing it out there.... but in some cases the desire for control can come from a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.  For one, I am not qualified in this area but between my own experience and my work with teenagers and within the fitness industry can indicate this does occur.  Talking to a professional is not a sign of weakness, rather an action of strength and the desire to change for the better.
  4. Everything will ALWAYS fall into place.... sometimes not how you think:  I am a spiritual person and I believe that God has a plan to prosper me in my own life journey.  I believe that although some situations in my life are not how I planned, he has bigger plans for me than I could ever fathom.  If I was married at 21, I would have probably never started Positive Soul Recharge (which encourages so many people.). If I would have moved to Melbourne in my early 20's, I would have likely failed because it wasn't the right time for me to go.  I also would have never had Tayla.... which is one wonderful little person I would never want to be without. My miscarriage, although sad, allowed me to have my beautiful little girl who is my absolute  world.  And in essence, I have had two children like I wanted when I was 17, just not how I planned.  But I am ok with it, because this all links into a greater picture.
  5. Being open-minded helps you give thanks for what you have right now: An open mind gives space for gratitude.  A closed mind creates an anxious space.  Take some time each day to remind yourself that that you are doing well in life and what you do today is another great step towards an even greater future.  To close with this awesome quote, "The secret to having it all is knowing you already do."

Have a fantastic afternoon wonderful readers! xx


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