Motivation - A Poem

As I seek inspiration to write something deep,
My brain is feeling cluttered, so inspiration isn’t deep.
I sit on the couch staring at ceiling.
Well actually, the ceiling, TV, laptop and phone screen trying to fight the unmotivated feeling.
A half dozen half-baked inspirational writing pieces floating through my head.
All the while I feel empathy on social media for another victim who is dead.
As I leave my device to the side, the cooking show on Channel 9 gets me inspired.
I get off the couch to cook something delicious, my device gives a flash that gets me suspicious.
I stop just short of the fridge to check on my phone,
Meh, nothing important just keep moving along. 
A quick swipe to check the other apps,
It seems so much has happened since the last check time has lapsed.
‘Oh, hang on, what was I doing again?’
Lunch…. But first a message to send.
Ok, where was I?  Oh yes, that lunch I intend to prepare.
It’s a few days off payday, so I open the fridge and aimlessly stare.
Oh hang on, I remember seeing something on Facebook I was going to try,
I pick up the phone, read…. And sigh!
Phone down, battery getting flat so back on the charger.
The feeling of hunger is getting intensely larger.
I finally begin to prepare my meal, being close to pay day, it’s nothing worth a great deal.
Oh look something interesting on the television,
I hypnotically hobble to the couch and find a comfortable position.
There’s a flash from my phone so it’s now off the charger,
I chew through my lunch staring at Instagram as a starter.
Eyes compete for prime position: Facebook, Snap, television or the 2-dot game I should be resisting.
Again I am back on the loop, I dream for gourmet as I eat up my soup.
Before I know it, an hour has passed.
And subconsciously I am reminded, life’s too perfect for media to take part.
The phone then pops back on the charger,
As I sit and continue to write inspiration about why the world is truly larger.
I stop being cluttered for a moment and give thanks.

For sunshine, freedom and love my small world makes.


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