The Journey Towards Wanting

Over the years I have taken on the mindset that if I ask, I will receive.  Now when I say 'receive', I don't automatically mean I will physically receive the thing I asked for.  Life isn't always that easy.  I'm not saying however, this has never happened.  I have had plenty of situations where I have received what I wanted, I believe these are things that keep me wanting and focused towards the things I am yet to receive.  I also believe that I will not receive every single thing I ask for, rather I believe it's the journey that teaches me something about myself in order to grow and find confidence in who I am.  

There's so much to learn from 'wanting' and 'desires'.  They awaken something within you to explore who you are as an individual and the world around you.  It's incredible how much your life can truly be changed and impacted just from wanting.  This sense of wanting has the capacity to rule your heart and head if you're not consciously aware and may potentially rule over various areas of your life.  Allow me to elaborate further with these five gems:
  1. Wanting' can open a door to a 'need': I believe over our lives, we journey through, picking up bits and pieces which help us figure out who we are as well address things that need to be addressed.  Whether anyone agrees with me or not, I believe everything we 'want' connects to a deeper need that we subconsciously desire.  For example, the need to date someone might stem from a desire to be loved.  Or the need for an accolade might stem from a desire to be recognised.  
  2. 'Wanting' is an invitation to change:  I believe that we come out of the other end of wanting a different person.  It comes down to perspective.  For example, when one wants to win a race, they have to train more frequently and intelligently, improve nutrition and constantly review habits/ techniques.  But if they are willing to work through this, they become a stronger, fitter, healthier and more sharp athlete for it.  Something to consider:  Are you developing the mannerisms of the thing you are wanting?  Are you inviting the right people and situations to support you in this phase of change?  Are you actually taking the time to reflect on where you are right now and taking action towards where you want to be?
  3. 'Wanting' is sometimes a journey rather than a destination:  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will not get everything you want.  If every person in the world won a gold medal or got the promotion they wanted, everyone would do it easy right?  Some of the greatest success stories in the world happened after years of endurance and evolving.  Some of these success stories came from people who have gone through disappointment, reflected on their current place in the journey and took steps to improve.  Years later they experienced success elsewhere and were wiser for it.  Consider the phrase: "It's no 'never' just 'not yet'." 
  4. 'Wanting' sometimes involves hurdles:  Some journeys towards getting what you want may involve some difficult situations and conversations.  The mirror will be placed right in front of you and you may possibly hear some difficult things…. but will be said from a place of love and respect.  Some adversities may happen as well which may have to cause you to redirect your path to wards wanting.  Always remember that hurdles are inevitable, but like I said earlier, reflection, positive action, endurance and evolving will help you get to where you want to be (if you're willing).  
  5. 'Wanting' can either open or close our hearts:  Let's face it, the journey can tough at some points and it's normal to reach cross roads where attitude might change.  Some people experience years of failed relationships when they have a desire for meeting someone.  Some people experience years of injuries and set backs when trying to reach a fitness/ sporting goal.  Some people experience years of rejection when trying to reach a goal.  difficult situations can make you bitter if you allow them to…. which will ultimately derail you from the thing you want.  Watch the language you speak, thought patterns and habits and it will be easy to pick up where your heart and head is currently siting.  Be wise enough to reach out to the right people if needed.

I hope this post provides you with some encouragement to keep journeying towards the things you want with continued endurance, positive attitude, wisdom and great growth!  


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