2016: New Beginnings

Well this year has definitely kicked off.  I have already had a balance of great and challenging things happen over the last five days but I am always prepared for anything.  2015 brought about a lot of big things and major life changes (some great and some not so great), but I know I came out of it a whole new person.  

But as I turn to 2016, I am in it to dream and do big.  I don't feel like I am done yet and there is more out there to achieve.  I don't want to get to end of this year being regretful because I let the energy of this year pass me by.  I feel like a new chapter is coming in my life as well as I prepare to move out of this unit.  I admit that it's been kind of bittersweet watching the experience unfold as it's made me reflect back on the first time I moved in here.  It was about mid 2012 when I had just separated from Tayla's father and I was pretty much starting again (furniture and all).  Having to learn to do things on my own, find my identity, learn to be happily single, going through the pains that come with separation, starting a full time job, going through the tears and lonely nights, dealing with issues from the past…. so many things.  I remember taking to many risks during that time, which petrified me.  I knew that I was going to sail into a lot of trouble if my risks didn't work, but I held an unfailing faith that it was all going to turn out how it was meant to be.  I remember being shy, scared, confused, depressed….. continuously reminding myself that I could do anything if I really put my mind and effort into it.  I began to ask people for advice and help rather than try and do it on my own.  I began to value feedback rather than take offence by it.  I started to dream bigger and become confident in the woman I was becoming.

Fast forward to 2016….. I NEVER in a million years anticipated I would be where I am now…. NEVER.  I dreamt of being a homeowner, but I never knew it would be a possibility, and now it has happened.  I dreamt of being an instructor and now it has happened.  I dreamt of finding peace within myself and it's stronger than ever (but I still have some work).  I dreamt of finding purpose and now I have it.  I dreamt of travel and now I starting to do it.   Was I scared through it all? Of course I was… in fact petrified. You try going to a foreign non-English speaking country with a five year old, or instruct to a group of individuals or teach a room full of 28 kids while still keeping your life in order! It's scary! But I always clung onto the faith that I could do anything if I really put my mind to it.  I don't want to live with regret.  I don't want to look back on my life when I am 50 and wonder what could have been - that isn't living.  

But in saying all this, I am open to anything that comes my way.  I know there will be great days and bad days.  I know some things will come easy and some things will challenge and strengthen me.  I will go through times of weakness and times of victory.  I will feel moments of unwavering happiness and moments of despair.  And I am totally ok with that, because I hold onto faith that it will all work out.  I want to be a better parent, watch Tayla through the 6th year of her life, become a better instructor and teacher, continue to work on myself and get to know myself better, develop stronger relationships with family and friends, possibly find love…. whatever is  going to be thrown my way, I am open to it and ready :-).  I feel like a new season is around the corner, I can sense it! 

What are you wanting 2016 to bring to your way?  Do you have specific goals or areas in your life that you want to focus on?  Don't leave this year regretting and wondering what could have been - dream, plan and act and watch the person you become through the process! 


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