A Loving Whisper

It's been a bit of an intense last few months, both good and not so good.  I guess a lot of the intensity has come from fear that something will go wrong or that I have to 'figure out' on my own what to do next.  As anyone can appreciate, it can be a little scary making decisions and trying to hold things together when trying to balance the full time responsibility of a child, working full time and trying to take on interests and hobbies.  The more I journey through it, the more I am beginning to learn the power of finding the right balance between listening to my inner voice and seeking guidance as I need it.  For a long time, I was more interested in and reactive towards what people said and thought rather than what felt right and intuitive for me and my own life.  During that time, I really stopped listening to my gut and in turn felt completely lost and disconnected because I didn't trust in what I could actually offer. 

It's amazing how as soon I began to change my mindset, how much my life changed.  I'm not saying I have it completely together, but I am doing A LOT better than I ever thought I would years ago.  And anyone who has known me for a long time can definitely testify to how much I have changed…. even my own family.  I know through simply learning to trust myself more and finding that balance between inner and outer voice, I have experienced some major changes…. these are only some of them but you get the point:

- Less stress
- Less reactive (I start to think through the situation before I act upon it)
- More understanding of decisions and situations (I do admit this is one I am still working on quite a bit)
- Less harsh on myself
- More difficult decisions are easier to consider and make
- I find it easier to be a parent
- I find it easier to know when my life is out of balance
- I am learning to stand up for myself more

And none of these happened overnight.  It took years for me to learn to start working through these things, and I had to work through the negative things which I recognised before I could even really begin to feel the benefits.  I had a lot of tears, fights, consellor appointments, journalling time… I could go on. But once I really worked through those things, it became easier to understand myself better.  On a daily basis, I try to find some 'me time' (note the word 'TRY') it could be time where I pray, or listen/ read motivational stuff, sit down and listen to some nice gentle worship, attempt to play my guitar, or just think through things.  I don't know what that would look like for you, but that's up to you to find out.  Maybe it could be meditating or going for a walk, maybe reading a book, journalling, playing an instrument, sitting somewhere quiet…. whatever it may be…. take the time for figure it out because it's such a great time for you (in a non-weird way) to get to know yourself better.  

So what does you inner voice feel/ sound like? Well that's up to you to figure out, but here are some possible clues:

- It only speaks kind words and never puts you down.
- You get that light head or tingle in the guts when things are happening.
- You feel the urge to not be reactive.
- You feel like you want to try and see the best and not the worst.
- You feel less stressed and more connected within yourself and others.

In closing, Imagine the world if we because more proactive rather than reactive?  Imagine if we learned to understand ourselves better on a spiritual level and took the time to listen to our gut voice more or speak into what we truly need? Imagine if we took our inner voices and used them for good rather than for evil? Think about how much less anxious and conflicting we'd be! I know this blog seems a little crazy, but in all seriousness, imagine if we listened more and spoke less? 

Are you connected? Do you feel like you listen to your inner voice for the purposes of good?  

Have an awesome day! xx


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