An open letter to brighten your day

 Hey there!

I want to start off by saying that you're a pretty darn awesome person..... and please take the complement because you deserve it!  You have walked through some pretty hot coals throughout your life so take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back for still being alive to tell the tale.  I know it's been a tough journey, but I want you to remember that to sing from the mountain tops, you have to walk through the heat and weeds in the valleys every now and then.  And don't be so hard on yourself when you get caught in one because everyone does and that's ok.  Just keep moving forwards.

Here's a hug for every person who has ever hurt you  or made you feel like you don't belong.  You weren't born by mistake so remind yourself each day that there's a reason you're on this Earth.  Your birth is a gift that just keeps giving and weather you chose to give flowers or coal is ultimately up to you.  Just remember that there's only so much coal a person will take.  That person who said cruel things is fighting a battle that you will never know.... so pray for them anyway.  It's the hardest prayer that will ever pass thorough your lips, but it shows the strongest character.  Thank them for their part in who you have become.  Think of it like a bone being broken, although it's never the same again, it becomes stronger than ever before because it had to be rebuilt.  Take the time to understand their battle, then walk away and let them find their own way to overcome it.  Maybe you want to cry right now, but that's completely fine because I'll be there to wipe those tears and pick you up again.
Here's some encouragement to get through that failing moment.  I am so sorry it didn't work out for you, but there is still always another chance tomorrow.  Chances are a gift that very few receive, so learn and grow.  I promise that it will get easier to work through and if it's not the right thing for you then learning from the mistakes will lead you right to the solution. 

To that relationship that didn't work out, take the lessons, forgive and move on.  Even if it hurt so much that your heart was shattered, show compassion anyway.  And don't be hard on yourself if it didn't work, it happened that way for a purpose.  Never let those experiences stain your way of showing love and compassion to others.

To those who are missing someone right now.... tell them and show them.  Distance makes you appreciate how important they are to you so make sure you remind them of that.  There's nothing more powerful then a gesture of love from someone close or simply to say that you love them and miss them. For that moment, the distance draws so close that you can literally feel their presence with you.  Do whatever you need to do to get that message to them!  And make sure they do the same because distance happens from both directions.  
To you, the most important and beautiful gift that has ever been unwrapped..... keep being you.  Wonderful, glorious, miraculous and amazing you.  Keep showing the world what you are made of and how strong you truly are.  Cry if you need to, speak if you want to, sink into that hug and take a long deep breath of contentment, love yourself and others, be gentle and understanding, never resent the things that were not meant to be.  

Just keep on keeping on because your journey is only just beginning.... 

You're amazing! 


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