Soul Batteries

 Have you ever experienced that moment of just pure internal peacefulness? Even just for a moment?   I want to say with honesty that it’s the most amazing feeling to experience…. That moment where the panic subsides and you just let go of your troubles, listen to yourself on a deeper level and be gracious about who you are and what you have received.  That moment is never something to take for granted…. it gives you that kind of peace that is easier to feel than explain.  The only way you can truly understand what it all means is to walk the journey yourself.

I can tell you that from my perspective,  feeling of peace is when I forget about what I do, what I have physically and what I want and focus on myself in terms of WHO I am and what I can give by just being myself.  I enjoy that moment of confirmation that when all the physical things, situations, influences and emotions are taken away, I am a loving, happy, kind and giving person.  It’s just unfortunate that who I am gets rewired everyday through those things and from there the panic starts to set in…. Am I good enough? What does that person think of me? Why haven’t I got this? What did I do to deserve this? I am guilty of getting stuck in these questions which constantly eat away at my soul if I let them.
Finding that place of peace isn’t easy.  It’s about being habitual and making the decision to find a moment to stop take yourself away from what is going on in your life and find something to focus on.  For me it’s a matter of getting up a little earlier, putting my headphones on and listening to some worship for about 20 to 30 minutes and just focus on the lyrics…. sometimes  I close my eyes, sometimes I even sing along… whatever I feeling that particular day.  If I am going through a particularly stressful time then I go for a run or do some jobs around the house use some energy so I can relax a little.  But that’s me and it works right now, so it’s worth finding something that works for you.
I know for me I am working towards extending that moment of peace by continuing to remind myself that I am good enough, strong enough, sufficient enough, loved enough, and have enough in my soul to safely be who I am.  It’s a habitual routine so it’s important to stay at it: meditate, remind yourself you’re worthy, give the same kind of love and forgiveness that you would expect from others and be gracious for this day you have been given as there are so many who will never get to experience this day. A big question to ask is this:  “If I took away all the external items, influences, situations, experiences and hurt, from my life, who am I? What do I see in MYSELF?”    

Have a great day! J


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